Big Fish Audio RIG Urban Workstation Kontakt HIPHOP 大鱼综合音源

大鱼音频已经在多年建立现代和前卫嘻哈样品和环库行业的领导者。终于完美的工具来得到任何业余或经验丰富的城市音乐制作人,他们需要为在线音乐制作顶级的声音是在这里钻机:城市工作站。大鱼音频已与工程师在VIR2创建一个虚拟仪器量身定做的hip hop和R&B制作人。你不必通过仪器来清除仪器后发现,因为在每个钻机仪器已经被记录和编辑,创建即时的灵感为你的现代生产性的正确的声音。

软件大小: 13.6G

软件格式: Kontakt

运行环境: XP Win 7 Win 8 Win 10 MAC

功能类型: Kontakt 音色库文件 综合软音源 大鱼音频台城市工作站

Big Fish Audio RIG Urban Workstation Kontakt HIPHOP 大鱼综合音源


大鱼音频已经在多年建立现代和前卫嘻哈样品和环库行业的领导者。终于完美的工具来得到任何业余或经验丰富的城市音乐制作人,他们需要为在线音乐制作顶级的声音是在这里钻机:城市工作站。大鱼音频已与工程师在VIR2创建一个虚拟仪器量身定做的hip hop和R&B制作人。你不必通过仪器来清除仪器后发现,因为在每个钻机仪器已经被记录和编辑,创建即时的灵感为你的现代生产性的正确的声音。

易于使用的界面钻机地方所有参数就在你的面前让你快速定制你的声音来打造完美的适合你的下一个打击的轨道。有对所有仪器11 tweakable FX,其中包括:EZ房,山口喜,罗通,压缩,立体建模,限幅器,移相,镶边,合唱,混响和延迟。你还会发现一个循环播放的界面允许您访问并编辑包括循环个别片。您可以编辑的参数包括:音量,音调,反向,攻击,衰减,截止和共鸣。钻机包含超过1200的补丁和样品26GB。除了多采样乐器,钻机还含有多种基于循环的手段。





Big Fish Audio has been the industry leader in creating modern and edgy Hip Hop sample and loop libraries for years. At long last the perfect tool to get any amateur or seasoned Urban music producer the sounds they need for top of the line music production is here in RiG: Urban Workstation. Big Fish Audio has joined forces with the engineers at Vir2 to create a virtual instrument tailor-made for the hip hop and R&B producer. You don't have to weed through instrument after instrument to find the right sound since each instrument in RiG has been recorded and edited to create instant inspiration for you, the modern producer.

The easy to use RiG interface places all parameters right in front of you allowing you to quickly customize your sound to create that perfect fit for your next hit track. There are 11 tweakable fx on all instruments, including: EZ room, Hi Pass, Lo Pass, Compression, Stereo Modeller, Limiter, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Reverb, and Delay. You will also find a loop playback interface allowing you to access and edit individual slices of the included loops. The parameters you can edit are: Volume, Pitch, Reverse, Attack, Decay, Cutoff, and Resonance. RiG contains over 1200 patches and 26GB of samples. Aside from multi-sampled instruments, RiG also contains a wide variety of loop-based instruments.

RiG is divided into seventeen main category folders: Acoustic Guitar,

Bass, Drum Banks, Drum Loops, Electric Guitar, Ethnic, Horn Section,

Keyboards, Orchestral Hits, Organs, Percussion and Harp, Percussion

Loops, Piano, Sliced Loops, Strings, Synths and Vocals.

RiG is powered by the industry-leading Kontakt 4 engine. It is

compatible with VST, AudioUnit, and RTAS (Pro Tools 8 & 9) plug-in

formats, allowing it to work seamlessly within any major sequencer,

in addition to standalone use on both an Intel Mac and PC



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