Big Fish Audio Momentum Pop Rock Hits Kontakt 流行摇滚

描述来自杰夫·卡拉瑟斯和迈克尔·凯里这两位强有力的组合来了:流行摇滚打,一个充斥着无线电准备曲目和图表顶部点击的流行摇滚图书馆。根据目前的声音,目前的无线电攻击和风格正在上升,势头是真正的领先的曲线和提供所有必要的元素,为现代耳朵创造坚实的摇滚曲目。有超过3.5 gb的原始内容在10件完整的建筑套件中分裂,你知道只有最好的生产方法,只有最好的齿轮使用,而不是一个单一的角落被切割。每个施工工具包包括完整的部分,以建立完整的岩石轨道从前到背面和一个文件夹多鼓的茎,使您有完整的生产控制您的鼓轨道。
Big Fish Audio Momentum Pop Rock Hits Kontakt 流行摇滚

软件大小: 7.7G

软件格式: Kontakt

运行环境: Win 7 Win 8 Win 10 MAC

功能类型: 综合音色

描述来自杰夫·卡拉瑟斯和迈克尔·凯里这两位强有力的组合来了:流行摇滚打,一个充斥着无线电准备曲目和图表顶部点击的流行摇滚图书馆。根据目前的声音,目前的无线电攻击和风格正在上升,势头是真正的领先的曲线和提供所有必要的元素,为现代耳朵创造坚实的摇滚曲目。有超过3.5 gb的原始内容在10件完整的建筑套件中分裂,你知道只有最好的生产方法,只有最好的齿轮使用,而不是一个单一的角落被切割。每个施工工具包包括完整的部分,以建立完整的岩石轨道从前到背面和一个文件夹多鼓的茎,使您有完整的生产控制您的鼓轨道。

FANTASTiC | 28 Feb 2017 | MULTiFORMAT: 5.44 GB | KONTAKT: 2.25 GB

From the powerful duo of Jeff Carruthers and Michael Carey comes Momentum: Pop Rock Hits, a Pop-Rock Library packed with radio ready tracks and chart-topping hits. Based on the sounds of both current radio hits and styles that are on the rise, Momentum is truly ahead of the curve and delivers all the elements necessary to create solid pop-rock tracks for the modern ear. With over 3.5 GB of original content split between 10 full construction kits, you know that only the best production methods were followed, only the best gear was used and not a single corner was cut. Each Construction Kit includes full sections to build entire rock tracks from front to back and a folder of multi-drum stems so that you have complete production control over your drum track.

Michael Carey, an established and highly sought after LA guitarist, producer and programmer, takes care of the stringed instruments here with the vibe and precision that comes only with a lifetime of recording and performing at the highest level. Michael also co-produced this library, and his unique sound gives Momentum something truly special. All Drums and Percussion are straight from the legendary M.B. Gordy, and sound every bit as amazing as you would expect from the man who’s reputation is only topped by hearing the man himself. In Momentum: Pop Rock Hits, we give you access to 10 full drum sessions with multi stems and stereo mixes from M.B. Gordy himself. All vocals were performed by Julia Feldman, and drip with character, and true emotion that you wont find anywhere else. The entire project was co-produced and overseen by the amazing Jeff Carruthers, who is hands-down, the very best in the business. The name Jeff Carruthers is synonymous with “Quality” and everything this amazing musician and producer touches is pure gold. Not only did Jeff produce, he also recorded some instruments for the library and the result is simply stunning. Momentum: Pop Rock Hits is a library that was exciting to put together, and we know it will be exciting to use, take a listen to the demos and see for yourself!



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