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DrumDrops Vintage Disco Kit MULTiFORMAT | 1.66 Gb

We all love the original Disco era, influenced by many and sampled 1000's of times. So what is it about the Disco sound that makes it so enticing? For us at Drumdrops it would have to mean a fat low end from the kick but with a little hi end bite to cut through the four to the floor groove, a warm and rich snare to keep that beat focused that of course tonally mixes with a clap just perfect. Sweet yet fast sounding 15 inch hi hats for a classy open hi hat sound. All Toms low and dead ready for the supersonic fills and breakdowns neccesary to hype the dance floor into a frenzy.

Remo ebony ambassador and evans hydraulic heads for the ultiimate disco sound. Sister Sledge at your disposal. Gaffer taped, damped with dustcloths, tuned low and dead the disco sound is finally back. Recorded with a late 70s sound in mind in a nice tight recording room. Bonus cowbells, cabassa and tambourine and electronic analogue clap trap recorded for your breakdown pleasure. The Kit was recorded at the Ironworks studio in Brighton, UK (Mike Pelanconi's studio). Mike recorded our classic Disco Drops drum track album and set this kit up in a similar fashion.

The Multi-Sample pack provides up to 24 velocity steps of each articulation. Each sample included in this pack is a mix of the overhead, room mics and close mics. This pack comes with patches for Battery 3, Kontakt 5.5, EXS24, Maschine, Geist, Studio One's Impact Soundset, Ableton Drum Rack, iDrum, Reason Refills, Renoise and SFZ (which is 1.0 compliant and has been tested with Plogue Sforzando, Cakewalk SFZ and Linux Sampler) but the samples can be used in any drum machine or sampler that reads 24 bit WAV files. We also include 16 bit samples for old school samplers. Some of the software patches (Battery, EXS24, SFZ and Kontakt) also support round robin samples. We have included three round robin samples of each velocity for added realism. The multi-sample pack now includes over 1300 MIDI drum loops covering a variety of genres and over 100 disco loops. This pack is a great choice for those who want multiple velocity articulations. This pack comes with 1743 samples.

DrumDrops 复古迪斯科工具包繁多 |1.03 Gb

我们都爱原生迪斯科时代,受许多和采样 1000 多个不同的时代。所以关于使它如此诱人的迪斯科声音是什么?我们在 Drumdrops 也将意味着低端踢,但是有点嗨结束咬,穿过四至地板槽,温暖和丰富的网罗,保持节奏重点当然音调混合随着一声霹雳只是完美的脂肪。然而快速测深 15 寸喜甜打开一个优雅的帽子喜帽子的声音。所有Toms 低和死都准备超音速的填充和故障一定要为之疯狂炒作舞池。

雷莫乌木大使和埃文斯液压主管 ultiimate 迪斯科声音。妹妹雪橇在您的处置。主教练录制,与 dustcloths,调低阻尼和死的迪斯科的声音是最后回来。与 70 年代末健全的心智在漂亮的紧录音室录制。奖金烦心、 cabassa 和手鼓、 电子模拟拍手陷井录得你崩溃的快乐。该工具包录在布赖顿,英国 (迈克 Pelanconi 工作室) 的炼铁厂演播室。迈克记录我们经典的迪斯科滴鼓轨道专辑,以类似的方式设置此工具包。

多样本包提供每个关节的达 24 速度的步骤。此包中包含每个样本是混合的开销、 房间麦克和接近中等收入国家。此包附带电池 3,开播 5.5,EXS24、 Maschine、 感性、 工作室一影响 Soundset、 Ableton 鼓架,iDrum,原因笔芯、 Renoise 和 SFZ(这是 1.0 兼容,并已经过测试 Plogue Sforzando、 费力气的事 SFZ 与 Linux 采样器) 的修补程序,但是样品可以用在任何鼓机或 24 位 WAV 文件中读取的采样。我们还为老学校取样器包括 16 位采样。一些软件修补程序 (电池、 EXS24、 SFZ 和开播) 也支持循环赛样品。我们有三个循环赛样品的每个添加的现实主义的速度。多样本包现在包括涵盖各种流派和超过 100 次迪斯科循环循环 1300 余 MIDI鼓。此包是不错的选择,对于那些想要多个速度关节。这包附带了 1743年样品。



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