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You can think of percussion as the spice and flavor you sprinkle over the top of your music to give it its unique taste and feel - unless of course you're kickin some serious Latin grooves in which case your percussion tracks need to seriously rock. No matter, SONiVOX has gone to the ends of the earth to unearth one of the tastiest percussion libraries you've ever heard -- Flying Hand Percussion. Produced by veteran sound designer and composer Eitan Teomi, this exquisite selection of hand-held and exotic electronic percussion instruments provides a quality and playability we guarantee you haven't experienced before. And that's great news for your music.

FlyingHand Features:

This exquisite library is recorded in high fidelity with multiple mic positions, 24 bit samples, an extensive selection of articulations (styles of playing), up to 20 dynamic samples (soft to loud) per instrument, and up to 4 alternate takes per articulation. All in all, over 40,000 samples packed into 4 DVDs of pure creativity.

But FlyingHand Percussion goes one big step further, something that no other percussion library does. It intelligently helps you play those tracks, makes your music sound so real you can practically taste it.

How does it get that good? Read on, and don't forget to check out the demos and free instruments!

The Performance Tools:

"Legato Drumming" - FlyingHand Percussion includes a proprietary and unique technique that intelligently responds to musical phrases, inserting musical nuances and tonal variances that provide an added level of authenticity. The result sounds very much like a real percussionist when they hit the drum in a slightly different place each time or moves a hand across the drum head creating a small scraping sound, etc.

Playable Keymaps - you need to be able to play a percussion library with your own hands and have it sound real. So, all FlyingHand instruments are keymapped for playability and remain consistent throughout all instruments, which not only results in real sounding tracks, but allows for fast production. Includes custom keymappings for the Zendrum MIDI Controller.

Virtual Room Impulses - FlyingHand Percussion through the entire recording process from initial input to final mix. Included are custom made stereo and surround room and hall impulses. These are delivered in a special edition of the PsP Audioware Nitro Filterbank plugin, which is a long name for a really cool effects plugin that puts your percussion tracks exactly where you want to hear them in your mix.



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